How to Navigate Medicare and Insurance When Purchasing a POC

How to Navigate Medicare and Insurance When Purchasing a POC

If you’re researching oxygen therapy, it’s likely you already have an oxygen solution that’s been provided for you by Medicare, Medicaid, or your insurance provider. Many patients who are on oxygen start out with solutions that have been “provided” for them but don’t fully understand the wide range of advanced oxygen solutions available to them.

Well, sit down and relax for a moment. At Oxygen Butler, we know how confusing this can be so we’ve complied an easy guide to help you understand the latest technologies available in oxygen therapy and how they relate to providers such as Medicare, Medicaid, and supplemental insurance.

Will Medicare Cover the Cost of a POC?

We wish there were a simple “Yes” or “No” answer to this question but unfortunately, there is not as each answer will differ depending on your individual situation. The easiest rule of thumb is, if you’ve been on oxygen for less than 6 months there is a possibility for Medicare reimbursement when purchasing or renting a POC. However, if you have been on oxygen for over 6 months, the chances of Medicare assistance is slim to none. To help you better understand your eligibility read the facts below:

Medicare Facts:

1. Medicare coverage for Oxygen Therapy Equipment is provided as a long-term (up to 5 year) monthly rental contract. This means Medicare pays a Medicare provider a monthly fee for providing patients with oxygen.

2. A Medicare provider is required to provide patients with a home and/or portable oxygen solution depending on individual patient needs.

3. A Medicare provider is NOT required to provide specific equipment and most importantly is NOT required to provide a portable solution unless individual patient case requires it.

4. The most common solution provided by insurance is a stationary “home” concentrator with refillable oxygen tanks.

5. Medicare does not reimburse for any out-of-pocket expenses and will NEVER pay for the actual purchase or short-term rental of an oxygen concentrator.

6. Supplemental insurance companies most often WILL cover some or all of the purchase or rental of a portable oxygen concentrator.

Buying Out-of-Pocket

Buying an oxygen concentrator out of pocket puts the control back in your hands and allows you to choose the right concentrator for your needs and lifestyle!

If you have made the choice to purchase an oxygen concentrator out of pocket visit our local showroom in South Florida where you can touch, feel, and try an oxygen concentrator before you buy!

You could also consider renting a unit for a day, over the weekend, or for a few weeks to see how the unit fits with your needs and lifestyle. If you like the unit, keep it, and we’ll apply your first week’s rental costs (minus shipping) toward the purchase of the unit. Call for details.