Tips for Traveling by Cruise Ship with Oxygen

Tips for Traveling by Cruise Ship with Oxygen

So you are looking into taking a cruise, but you think you may need to bring oxygen along for yourself or a loved one. At first, this may seem like a daunting process, but once you understand the basics, it can be “smooth sailing.” If oxygen is a necessity for you, then this article is a nice launching off point so you can begin making plans for your ideal vacation. Below are some tips, and questions you should ask yourself before your trip. If you would like personal assistance, please don’t hesitate to call 1-800-941-1402 to speak to an Oxygen Expert.

Contact Your Cruise Line

It is important to start by contacting your cruise line. Each cruise line has its own rules and regulations regarding using oxygen therapy of any sort on board the ship. Most cruise lines will require you to supply your oxygen solution and meet certain physical criteria before boarding for your trip. If you have questions regarding the rules for boarding, we suggest you contact your cruise line’s Special Access department. The Special Access department should be trained in helping patients prepare for travel, including providing necessary paperwork, notifying of special boarding requirements, and information on approved the approved oxygen concentrators for the cruise line.

Plan Ahead

While “planning” may seem like a common sense tip, there are some nuances when it comes to traveling in Florida with oxygen. In order to have your bases covered, we advise that you ask yourself the questions below while you plan your trip. Make sure you can answer all these questions at least one week before your departure.

1). Do I need oxygen for 24/7 use or only at night?
2). Will I need oxygen for my flight/drive to the harbor?
3). Will I be doing any on-shore excursions? If so, how about long will I be out?
4). If I need oxygen during the day, how long do I plan on staying away from the room?
5). Will I have a way to refill my oxygen?
6). What sort of oxygen solutions does my specific cruise line allow? What is not allowed?
7). If I need a rental, how will I get it?

Finding A Solution

It may be that you need to rent an oxygen solution for the duration of your cruise. When you are trying to find a solution, it is important that you know what your oxygen needs are and can answer some basic questions. Don’t worry; you may have already answered some of these questions above!

1). Do I need oxygen 24/7, just at night?
2). What flow rate do I need?
3). Can I use pulse/on demand flow, or do I require continuous flow at all times?
4). How long will I need the rental?
5). How soon do I need the rental?

Once these questions have been answered, we can help you find the perfect oxygen solution for your upcoming trip. Call 1-800-941-1402 and an Oxygen Expert can help make your next cruise as relaxing as possible!